Weekend Rain and Status of the Brazos River

The Brazos River in Richmond is currently at Gage Elevation 26.6  feet (Action Stage).

As anticipated, the Brazos River hit Action Stage (Gage Elevation 20) last night around 10:30 PM. Since Monday, the forecast elevation has fallen. As of 1:44 PM, the WGRFC is forecasting the River to peak around Elevation 32.5 feet on Thursday night into Friday morning. This is about 10 feet lower than the initial Sunday Forecast and about 6 feet lower than our Monday post.

WGRFC 1:44 PM Brazos River at Richmond (04/10/19)

In addition to the lower river forecast, our overall rain amounts have changed since Monday. Based on this afternoon’s forecast, we still have a chance for storms to roll through the region on Saturday.

NWS Houston/Galveston Saturday Rain Chances (04/10/19)

The forecasts continue to show the potential for severe weather which could include heavy rain with some thunderstorm activity. At this moment, it does appear that these storms should be less severe for the region than the storms we experienced the past weekend.

WGRFC Flood Forecast for the Weekend (04/10/19)

Upstream of San Felipe, the Brazos River Watershed could see 1 to 2 inches over much of the upper portions of the watershed. Downstream of San Felipe, the rainfall amounts have dropped slightly since Monday and is currently showing less than an inch through Monday.

PivotalWeather.com Rainfall 7-Day Precipitation Forecast (04/10/19 7:00 AM) 

Based on the amount of rain, we could see the Brazos River remain elevated but at this moment it looks like we should stay in Action Stage and below Minor Flood Stage. How long the River is in Action Stage and what it does next week will depend on the amount of rainfall received over the weekend.

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