In the post Harvey world, the Houston area as well as the State of Texas embraced the concept of resiliency. In many circles, Hurricane Harvey was our Katrina or Sandy event that has highlighted just how vulnerable our region is to flooding. For most people and communities, projects to reduce the future risk of flooding has been the primary thought on how we can become more resilient.

Screenshot of Harris County’s Bond Program Map

I am in 100% in agreement, that we need structural / physical construction to become more resilient. Our best answer for reducing our risk of flooding is by lowering water levels through additional flood storage and channel improvements as well as removing or elevating homes out of harms way. The truth is, is that we can never completely eliminate the chance of flooding or one of many other types of disasters, so true resiliency is about how we plan, respond, and recovery from the things we cannot control. In many cases that comes down to the individual person and/or family.

Moving forward I will add additional resources dedicated to assisting individuals and families become more resilient.