Wednesday’s Rain has shifted the Brazos River Forecast, but Still no Flooding Anticipated

Damaging winds was the primary issues with storms that pushed through Texas on Wednesday; however, some areas received a fair amount of rainfall. The heaviest rainfall occurred upstream of Hempstead with 4+ inches. The lower portions of the Watershed, through Fort Bend County, received between 0.5 to 1.5 inches.

NOAA / NWS May 28, 2020 24-Hour Observed Rainfall (05/28/2020)

The rain has caused the WGRFC to shift their forecasts for gages downstream of Hempstead. From Wednesday’s event, the Brazos Richmond through Richmond could enter Action Stage on Friday with Peak near Gage Elevation 24.8 on Saturday Night to early Sunday morning.

The NWS does show the potential for another round of severe weather moving through the Region this afternoon. The storms should be less severe what we experienced on Wednesday, but it is being watched closely. In general the primary risk is damaging winds and hail, but some forecasts are showing the potential for another 1 to 2 inches of rain in some isolated areas. Depending on how things develop, this rainfall could occur over a short period of time, maybe within an hour or less causing street ponding in these isolated areas.

As things developed, continue to stay informed through trusted sources such as the National Weather ServiceWest Gulf River Forecast Center, and the Fort Bend County Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Management.

After today’s chance of severe weather, the extended forecast calls for warm, drier weather. The NWS 7-Day QPF shows less than 1/2 inch of rainfall for the majority of the Brazos River. NOAA 7-Day QPF Map (05/28/2020)

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