Worsening Drought Conditions for Some with Minimal Rainfall on the Way

The Brazos River in Richmond is currently at Gage Elevation 10.35. Based on the 7-day extended forecast, no flooding along the Brazos River is anticipated.

NWS WGRFC Brazos River Forecast at Richmond (09/09/2019)

This Week

NWS WGRFC Weekly Planner (09/08/2019)

Some were lucky enough to receive rainfall this morning with isloated showers this eventing; however, the majority was located within eastern Fort Bend County with a peak total of just over ¾ inch in the Sugar Land area. The current forecasts are showing additional rain chances (between 20 to 50%) this afternoon through Wednesday with highs in the low 90s. After Wednesday, the hot, dry weather returns as our rain chances drop below 20% with highs in the mid to upper 90s.

PivotalWeather.com 7 Day Precipitation Forecast (09/09/2019 @ 7 PM)

Not including this morning’s rainfall, the 7 day forecast is showing a total of less than ½ of rainfall for most of the lower Brazos River watershed, including Fort Bend County.

It has been so dry in some parts of the region, the WGRFC has issued a graphic on the Hydrologic Cycle…

NWS WGRFC Image (09/09/2019)

The Tropics

National Hurricane Center 5-Day Tropical Weather Outlook

The National Hurricane Center is currently watching 3 disturbances in the Atlantic along with Tropical Storm Gabrielle; however, at this time there are no threats to the western Gulf of Mexico.

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