Tropical Disturbance No. 1 and this Weekend

We are 14 days into the 2018 Hurricane Season and it looks like will we experience our first tropical related event for the area.

Good news is that it only has about a 10% chance of developing into a Tropical Cyclone within the next 5 days. The bad news, which depending on where you live could be good news, the system could bring heavy rain to the area. For many this will be some much needed rain, for others it will negatively impact your weekend.

Based on this morning’s forecast, the lower reaches of the Brazos River, Waco/College Station to Hempstead, could see between 1 to 2 inches. Here in the greater Houston Area, primarily Fort Bend County, we could see rainfall amounts between 2 to 5 inches over the 2 to 3 day period (Saturday through Monday). Isolated higher totals are possible, but those locations unclear.

Stay tuned to the National Weather Service and your favorite local weather source for updates as we head into the weekend.

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