Flood Awareness Week, May 21 – 25

Flood Awareness Week - Gray

Flooding is considered one the the most deadly weather related hazards in the United States.  The National Weather Service estimates that approximately 116 people died from flooding related hazards in the United States in 2017.


The majority of these deaths come from individuals who underestimate the power of water. Out of the estimated 116 deaths, 40, or 34%, occurred in vehicles. These drivers attempt to drive through or across flooded roads with a strong currents or deceiving depths. And unfortunately, many of these deaths occur at night with limited visibility in rapid rising waters.  It only takes 18 inches of water to float your standard vehicle.

In response to the high number of preventable deaths, Governor Abbott has proclaimed May 21 through May 25 as Flood Awareness Week in the State of Texas.


Over the course of the week we will explore many flood related topics such as flood insurance, understanding forecasts, mitigation and recovery. We will start the week with Flood Safety, which is by far the most important of all topics anyone could cover during Flood Awareness Week.

On Wednesday, May 23, please join us in wearing blue in recognition.




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